After the completion of the anabolic course

After the completion of the anabolic course

Even after the completion of the anabolic course, it is necessary to continue to control the concentration of prolactin and estrogen. It is strictly forbidden to use Tamoxifen during the PCT period. The best choice for athletes will be Clomid or Fareston. If signs of gynecomastia were not detected in time, then the second drug should be preferred.

It is necessary to start restorative therapy three to four weeks after the last injection of anabolic steroids. However, before that, it is worth taking tests for estradiol, prolactin, total male hormone, as well as FSH with LH. If the testosterone level is in the average values, you can safely start PCT.

With repeated analyzes (after 14-21 days from the start of PCT), the level of gonadotropic hormones should be 2-3 times higher. If the athlete chose Clomid, then the drug must be used according to the following scheme:

From the 1st to the 3rd days – 150 milligrams per day.
The next 12 days, the daily dose of the drug will be 100 milligrams.
Another 15 days is taken an antiestrogen in the amount of 50 milligrams every day.
During the last 15 days of PCT, the daily dose of Clomid will be 25 mg.
With the manifestation of signs of gynecomastia, 60 milligrams of Fareston should be taken daily until they completely disappear. 30 days after the end of the PCT, you need to again test for estradiol, prolactin, total male hormone and FSH with LH. These values ​​should be as close to normal as possible.

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Effective recovery requires:

As soon as possible, resume the normal synthesis of testosterone and reduce the level of female hormones (estrogens), which in the post-cycle period will be higher than normal due to increased aromatization of testosterone, that is, its natural conversion into estradiol.
Restore libido and spermatogenesis.
Reduce cortisol levels by reducing training volume, reducing working weights and physical activity. The body in the post-cycle period is weakened and cannot recover with the same strength as during the intake of pharmaceuticals. Without reducing the load, you will simply “burn” the muscles.
To start PCT after a course of steroids, you first need to wait for the release of the artificial hormone from the blood. To do this, we take into account the periods of decay of different drugs. For example, for methane, stanozolol or testosterone propionate, this period is a maximum of 2-3 days, while for enanthate, susta or deca, it is delayed for 2-3 weeks.



Next, I will tell you how and why various PCT preparations are used.

Weak antiestrogen, powerfully restores libido and natural testosterone production. The most common drug on PCT. It can be used after any type of steroid, including a course of turinabol, methandrostinolone or “methane”, propionate, nandrolone decanoate or “deca”, donabol, sustanon or “susta”, boldenone, stanozolol. Doses and duration of administration depend on the doses and duration of the AS course.

Consider three common options:

For PCT after light courses (for example, 50-100 tablets of methane (danabol) or stanozolol, turinabol, oxandrolone, testosterone propionate) 5-7 days, 100 mg of the drug (2 tablets) per day and 10-12 days is enough 50 mg.
For PCT after courses lasting about 1.5-2.5 months, in which more than one drug is used, we take 12-14 days at 100 mg, then 15-20 days at 50 mg of clomiphene.
For heavy courses with high dosages, including three or more drugs lasting more than 2 months, take 3 days of 150 mg (3 tablets), then 15 days of 100 mg and 20 days of 50 mg of Clomid.

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A strong antiestrogen, but less conducive to restoring natural testosterone levels.

It is often used as an antiestrogen in AS at a dosage of 20 mg per day.

ATTENTION! Tamoxifen should not be used during or after a cycle with progesterone-active drugs such as nandrolone, trenbolone, oxymethalone (anadrol). Enhances the action of progesterone, and with it the side effects !!!

After other drugs with light courses, you can use the dosage:

first day 80mg;
7-10 days, 40 mg;
another 15 days at 20 mg.


A strong antiestrogen, which is used on the course and 2-3 weeks after it. The drug blocks the aromatization reaction (the conversion of excess testosterone into estrogens), as well as unwanted side effects, including gynecomastia.

The average dosage is 0.5-1 mg per day.

Powerful aromatase inhibitor. The drug restores LH, FSH and increases the production of testosterone in a natural way. It is used both on the course and after it. It copes well with gynecomastia and quickly eliminates it. It is advisable not to exceed the dosage, because. drive estradiol to zero, which is not good and reduces libido.

The average dosage of letrozole is 0.5-2mg per day.

Antiestrogen, blocks the aromatization reaction, increases libido. It should be used at the end of the course or before PCT, since Proviron is an androgen and, although slightly, it inhibits the “native” production of testosterone.

The dosage is 50 mg per day, preferably divided into 2 doses.

Reduces prolactin levels, should be used with progesterone-active drugs such as Trenbolone and Nandrolone (Deca). It perfectly fights gynecomastia, restores libido and increases testosterone production.

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The average dosage of cabergoline is 0.5-1 mg per week.

HCG causes the testicles to continue to produce testosterone, while AS inhibit this function. That is why gonadotropin is used during the entire course of steroid use and 2-4 weeks after it (with PCT). If you only use hCG after, it won’t work well. The function of testosterone production by the testicles is best maintained throughout the course.

The average dosage is 500-1500 units of gonadotropin per week.

Cortisol is reduced by anti-catabolic drugs such as:

  • a growth hormone;
  • insulin;
  • clenbuterol.

They are used both throughout the course and at PCT.